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Dance Floor 

Pictures Below:

  Parquetry Dance Floor 4m x 4m
  (Indoor only) $330.00 Erected

  3.6m x 4.8m Outside Wooden Ply Boards
  $180.00 S/E $330.00 Erected 

  4.8m x 4.8m Outside Wooden Ply Boards
 $230.00 S/E  $430.00 Erected 

  Dancedeck Black & White 4m x 4m   (Indoor Only)
 $300.00 Erected

  Dancedeck Black 4m x 4m  
 $310.00 Erected 

  Dancedeck White 4m x 4m 
 $310.00 Erected 

  Dancedeck Black & White Squared 5m X 5m
$440.00 Erected

  Dancedeck Black 5m X 5m (
$440.00 Erected

  Dancedeck White 5m X 5m

  Dancedeck Black & White 7m X 7m

Parquetry Dancefloor 4m x 4m 

Black & White Dancefloor 4m x 4m 

4.8m x 4.8m Wooden Outdoor D/Floor

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